Warranty / Complaints / Exchanges

Applies only to purchases made from us either online or at trade fairs/events/shopping malls. If you purchased your bag from a retailer (physical or online store) or distributor/wholesaler, please contact the seller.


The warranty lasts two years from the date of purchase. We may provide a warranty beyond that in isolated cases. For questions, please contact Service@x-over.de. If your warranty claim is within this two-year period, please proceed as described in the Complaints section.


Please follow one of the procedures described below so that we can process your complaint quickly and appropriately.

Please send a brief description of the defect, your mailing address, and the following photos by e-mail to: service@x-over.de

  1. Photo of the defect in your bag
  2. Photo/scanned image of your receipt
  3. Photo of the interior label in the compartment on the back side of the bag where the production lot is printed

We will advise you immediately of the next steps.


Send the defective item to the following address (free delivery):

creative pool distribution GmbH
Höhenweg 14
86391 Stadtbergen, Germany

Please enclose the following with your shipment:

  • Description/designation of the defect
  • Copy of receipt
  • Name and address/mailing address
  • e-mail address and phone number

Please note that we cannot accept COD deliveries.

Exchanges for orders placed online:

If you would like to exchange a product, please be sure to contact us by e-mail (service@x-over.de) beforehand.

Goods purchased at trade fairs are not eligible for exchange.