Application examples

This section shows eight carrying styles that enhance the carrying comfort and versatility of the bag, depending on the situation.

Shoulder, right
Are you right-handed and just want to carry the bag casually and conveniently over your right shoulder? Voilà.

Shoulder, left
Are you left-handed and simply want a casual and convenient carrying position over your left shoulder? Voilà.

Two point, front
If you are out and about with your bag and don’t have too much weight in it, you can carry your bag comfortably in the cross-body style, with the bag on your back.

Three point, front
If you have a heavier load in your bag or you’re on the move, you can carry your bag in the three-point style to distribute the weight more evenly and securely and keep the bag from sliding.

Two point, back (longer-term)
– right shoulder

If in a large crowd, you can protect the contents of your bag by wearing it right in front of your body.

Two point, back (sling version)
– left shoulder

If you want to get something out of your bag, just pull it to the front. This allows you to easily reach the things inside your bag without taking it off.

Three point, back
This carrying style is intended for particular uses, such as transporting small dogs. It keeps both hands free.

Four point
You are using the bag for extreme sports or have a very heavy carrying load. We recommend attaching the fourth strap in these cases. This will give you even greater stability and the very best weight distribution.